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Synergi Liquid for midstream operations

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Learn why Synergi Liquid is the ideal network modelling software for shale oil production, petroleum transmission, and more.

Engineers and operators in the midstream industry face unique challenges. To name a few, they are tasked with modelling complex well productions reliably, getting the drag reduction agent (DRA) just right, optimising pump cost and best efficiency point (BEP), and accounting for the hydraulic impact of specialised equipment, such as pipe heat exchangers and pressure breaker valves.

Synergi Liquid is a power-packed liquid network analysis tool that helps midstream companies with all these needs and does much more. The software is designed to be flexible yet robust and ready to answer complex questions during pipe network analyses, performing all the critical tasks needed to operate liquid networks and fluid systems.

Watch the webinar recording to get expert advice, tips and tricks and learn about the virtually limitless possibilities offered by Synergi Liquid.

This exclusive, knowledge-rich webinar delves into various aspects including:

  • Introducing Synergi Liquid for the midstream market 
  • Introducing the Advanced Liquid Engine 
  • Introducing Python integration 
  • Handling multiple fluids  
  • Pipe elevation profiles 
  • Improved production and injection well modelling 
  • DRA enhancements 
  • Pump modelling enhancements (auto-control conditionals, pump viscosity corrections)  
  • Set meters for flexible P/Q control, substance injections, avoiding subsystem isolation, etc 
  • Dynamic Display to study model results like never before  
  • Import and export of Synergi Pipeline Simulator (.INPREP) files
    -    Build models from GIS and easily send them to SPS for surge studies
    -    Send SPS models back to Synergi Liquid for fast and accurate steady state  
  • Plus, many other new features and enhancements 


  • Kevin Hemingway  is the Product Manager for Synergi Gas and Synergi Liquid. Since joining in 1996, Kevin has held a variety of roles, all of them working with clients, Synergi Gas, and Synergi Liquid in one form or another.  
  • Alex Fischer  is a technical support engineer for Synergi Pipeline Simulator and Synergi Liquid and the product delivery manager for Synergi Liquid. He received his bachelor’s degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University before joining DNV in 2019.