Pipeline Insights 2022 – An industry trends report

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Read the full report for an assessment of the pipeline industry’s sentiment, confidence, and priorities throughout 2022 and beyond.

Pipeline Insights 2022 is drawn from DNV’s “The power of optimism: Managing scale and complexity as the energy transition accelerates” along with findings from primary research conducted in April 2022. Drawing on the responses from 59 pipeline operators, we provide this special edition report that explores the trends, sentiments, and priorities of the pipeline industry.  

The pipeline industry today is under great pressure to make brave calls, rapidly adapt to the changes and act without delay. While it is easy to point at uncertainties – such as the pandemic, geopolitics, or regulations – there is no doubt about the direction of some of today’s key trends. The energy transition itself is now unstoppable and accelerating. Energy systems are growing increasingly digital, automated and data driven.  

It is perhaps this dilemma and the resulting changing dynamics that echoed in the cautious optimism of the pipeline professionals who participated our survey. The optimism is the determination that we will keep improving and solving problems. We will continue to meet energy demands, and while barriers and surprises may slow us down, none will stop our progress entirely. 

We tell the full story of the pipeline industry’s sentiment, confidence, and priorities and provide an analysis of the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry in our complimentary report. 

Key trends captured in the report: 

  1. Cautious optimism  
  2. Acceleration of the energy transition  
  3. Barriers to growth 
  4. Investment focus  
  5. Tackling change through digitalization  

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