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Panel Discussion | Essential considerations for the emergence of an energy security-seeking Europe

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Watch the panel discussion to know more about how the current global events will affect energy demand & supply in Europe as the continent journeys towards energy transition.

While Europe prioritizes Energy Transition, it is also faced with increasing energy prices and uncertainty of supply now exacerbated by the current global events. Hence, conversations about ‘Fitness for Service’ and ‘readiness of Pipeline networks’ to take on the expected volume increase and storage have gained precedence among European pipeline operators.    

To provide insights into these topics and communicate DNV’s perspective on how current global events would affect energy demand & supply in the continent, we are bringing together a panel of experts who will share their experiences and expertise.    

In this panel discussion, our experts discussed:  

  • Energy Transition in Europe 
  • Forecasted energy security in Europe 
  • Importance of pipeline integrity & risk management to the energy transition 
  • Simulating & optimizing networks to ensure energy security 
  • Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions 

The discussion includes real-world examples and concludes with a Question & Answer session.    

Meet the panellists:

  • Sverre Alvik, Director, Energy Transition Outlook, DNV 
  • Duncan Smith, Head of Section – Pipeline Delivery, DNV  
  • Tim Manns, Principal consultant – Pipeline Solutions, DNV 
  Your host:Emmanuel Anozie, Business Development Manager, DNV  

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