Phast Online - new developments

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Learn about the Phast Online platform and updates to its embedded applications.

Process safety engineers use a variety of tools to analyse the risks from releases of flammable or toxic materials. Some projects will require complex consequence assessments, while screening analysis may be sufficient for others.

Engineers across the world use Phast to perform consequence analysis. For certain operational tasks, a quick order-of-magnitude answer is all that is required to keep the project moving along. Phast Online and its embedded applications are ideal for engineers seeking a quick estimate with minimal investment in training.

In the last few months, a number of updates have been made to the Phast Online platform including a new Hydrogen leak application and the soon-to-be-released Material properties tool.

In this webinar recording we:

  • Discuss when and where to apply Phast Online
  • Discuss screening applications and recent developments
  • Share upcoming developments


Mike Johnson, Global Sales and Business Development Manager, DNV