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Ask the experts series: Vapour cloud explosion modelling

Learn how to use Phast and KFX-EXSIM for vapour cloud explosion modelling

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Ignition of a cloud of flammable gas in the presence of regions of congested equipment or confinement can give rise to significant levels of overpressure, causing fatality and damage to surrounding environments. This scenario is commonly known as a vapour cloud explosion (VCE). Understanding these complex scenarios and mitigating against them is a critical component of process safety management.

Extensive research on VCEs has been carried out over several decades, with a range of methods being available for modelling these complex scenarios. One of the most adopted methods for modelling explosions is the “Multi-Energy" method, for its simplicity and ease of use. For more detailed or advanced requirements, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations are often used

In this webinar recording, we demonstrate the pros and cons of these methods and how Phast and KFX-EXSIM can help you gain insights into VCEs and decide on mitigation measures that are effective and cost-beneficial.

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  • James Pickles, Product Manager for Phast, Safeti and KFX, DNV
  • Dr. Yongfu Xu, Principal Mathematical Modeller, DNV