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Ask the experts series: In-building release

Learn how to conduct in-building release and ventilation modelling with Phast and KFX software

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When there is an accidental release inside a building, the dispersion behaviour is very different from dispersion outside a building. Phast has an in-building release model which can model the concentration build-up inside the building and has a simplified method for modelling ventilation based on air change rates.

Since an adequate ventilation system is often required to minimise the hazard from in-building release, it is necessary to have a more advanced simulation. KFX has the capability to model the effects of ventilation which can help with the design and optimisation of ventilation system. 

In this webinar recording, we demonstrate how to use Phast and KFX to model in-building release and ventilation.

You will learn more about:

  • Phast in-building release modelling
  • KFX in-building release modelling (CFD simulation)
  • KFX ventilation modelling


  • Petter Aune, Principal Specialist, DNV
  • Richard Lee, Senior Engineer, DNV