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Phast 8.7 live demo - CFD modelling for jet fires

Learn about the new CFD capabilities for modelling jet fires in Phast 8.7

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Loss of containment and ignition of flammable materials on a hazardous facility can form jet fires that present a significant risk to workers and surrounding public populations. Injuries and fatalities can occur from direct exposure to the jet flame and its radiation effects or due to escalation effects, where the jet flame impinges on other process equipment or structure, causing a secondary loss of containment event. 

For owners and operators to demonstrate that facilities are safe, it is necessary to firstly understand potential jet fire effects and secondly to mitigate those effects, e.g. through facility siting studies, structural design, passive fire protection, firewalls and fire suppression. 

To help safety engineers and consultants understand potential jet fire events and mitigate them appropriately, our next version of Phast (version 8.7) will include CFD modelling of jet fires. This builds on the release of Phast 8.6 in December 2021, where we introduced CFD modelling for pool fires, and is the next step on our journey to integrate our CFD modelling code from KFX into Phast. 

In this webinar, we: 

  • Provide a reminder of CFD capabilities introduced in Phast 8.6 for pool fires 
  • Demonstrate the CFD capabilities for jet fires in Phast 8.7 
  • Highlight other improvements that have been made in Phast 8.7, including the 3D viewer 
  • Present options for taking advantage of these new capabilities, so that you can match your needs to the solutions available, including KFX 


James Pickles, Product Manager for Risk Products, DNV