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Improve your floating offshore wind simulations

Join our upcoming webinars and expand your expertise in design of offshore wind structures using Sesam and Bladed.

Webinar series Improve your floating offshore wind simulations structures - Sesam and Bladed software for offshore wind

Our DNV experts share in-depth information, tips and tricks on a variety of topics to enable Bladed and Sesam users to gain new insights into using our products. Our goal is to make your job easier and empower you with the knowledge you need to be successful at your work. This webinar series provides you an opportunity to learn new techniques and to receive answers to your questions! Each webinar ends with a time for you to ask questions of our experts.

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Current state-of-the-art of the for design workflows and simulation

19 May 2022, choose between two sessions: 9 AM or 3 PM CEST

New floating wind fatigue analysis workflow in Sesam

1st of June, 9 AM CEST

Watch previous sessions:

Streamline your floating offshore wind structural design

Learn how to take advantage of the latest development in Bladed and Sesam to streamline your floating offshore wind projects keeping design costs down.

Faster performance and improved integration

Learn how automated transfer of hydrodynamic coefficients (from Sesam’s Wadam to Bladed) can save time and reduce errors.