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Aft stern tube bearing design optimization – the single most important risk reducing factor in your shaft alignment analysis

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Propulsion shaft bearing damages typically lead to total loss of propulsion capability, costly repairs, lengthy off-hire time and potentially loss of reputation for the ship owner/manager. Aft stern tube bearing damages due to sub-optimal designs resulting in poor lubrication conditions under some operating conditions is a common cause. Experience indicates that many damage cases could potentially have been avoided with a better technical understanding of the critical design and operational factors to consider, and with more robust bearing designs. This on-demand webinar focuses on the key factors to consider and using the Nauticus Machinery Shaft Alignment tool to optimize the aft stern tube bearing in the design phase.

Agenda highlights:

  • Stern tube bearing damages and trends 
  • DNV Maritime Advisory - stern tube bearing damage case analysis – some relevant examples
  • DNV updated class requirements and recommendations
  • Optimize the after stern tube bearing design using the lubrication calculation function in Nauticus Machinery Shaft Alignment
  • Q&A 

About the speakers:

Wang Qifeng, Principal Project Manager, has been working in DNV since 2009, first as a software developer in Nauticus Machinery package and now taking the role of project manager. He has more than 10 years of work experience in developing and using this product. In addition, he has a strong theoretical knowledge and training experience in the strength design and verification of marine propulsion systems, such as shaft alignment, torsional vibration, shafting fatigue, ice extension strength, gear rating, strength of controllable pitch mechanism and propeller blade, etc. 

Alnes Øystein, Principal Engineer, has been working in DNV since 2005. Close to 20 years’ experience working with ship propulsion systems in DNV Classification, Research and Advisory units. Hands on experience from multiple troubleshooting projects solving issues related to shaft alignment issues. Project manager for a recent DNV lead research project on Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants for stern tube applications.