Why you should consider evergreening your AIM process

Find out why you should incorporate plan-do-check-act approach in your asset integrity management process
Plant integrity management with Synergi Plant

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Plant integrity management ensures that organizations have the business processes, systems, tools, competence and resources they need to ensure integrity management continuously.

Operational and technical integrity must all be managed effectively to control both costs and risks. As the focus on process plant safety increases, stricter regulations and safety awareness demands better solutions for integrity management. In addition to full compliance, operators are also looking for practical systems that can cater to their day-to-day needs and overcome practical issues. Synergi Plant is DNV's Asset Integrity Management (AIM) offering for a complete cyclic plan-do-check-act approach for managing risk quantitatively or qualitatively. 

Watch the webinar video to learn more about: 

  • The role of plan-do-check-act evergreening process in your asset integrity management 
  • Benefits of inspection planning using risk-based methods 
  • Execution of best-in-industry risk mitigation methods 
  • Learn how to scale technology to the needs of your organization

DNV presenters: 

  • Simon Wong, Plant Integrity and Reliability Product Manager 
  • Hung Shiun Tommy Tang, Business Development, Plant Integrity Management Software