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Pipeline Insights 2021 - An industry trends report

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Read the full report for an assessment of the pipeline industry’s sentiment, confidence and priorities throughout 2021 and beyond.

Pipeline Insights 2021 is drawn from DNV’s “Turmoil and Transformation: The outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2021”, which is based on an annual survey of 1000+ oil and gas professionals. Drawing on the responses from 99 pipeline operators who were part of this survey, we provide this special edition report that explores the trends, sentiments, and priorities of the pipeline industry. 

Oil and gas companies were challenged in 2020 as the global demand for oil and gas products and services sharply declined. As the industry stabilizes in 2021, our research finds that pipeline operators have a more optimistic outlook regarding industry growth and future prospects. They are mobilized to transform as the industry accelerates its journey towards a cleaner, more collaborative and more digital future. 

We tell the full story of the pipeline industry’s sentiment, confidence, and priorities and provide an analysis of the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry in our complimentary report.

Key trends captured in the report:

  1. Weathering the pandemic 
  2. Need for transformational approaches 
  3. Accelerating digitalization 
  4. The energy transition gains momentum

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