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Modelling hydrogen blends, renewable natural gas and CO2 with Synergi Gas

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Watch the webinar for an understanding of how to model for hydrogen blends, RNG and CO2 using Synergi Gas for decarbonization

As the energy transition gains momentum, pipeline operators face a unique set of challenges when modelling  hydrogen blends, RNG and CO2. How can your pipeline infrastructure be optimized for this transition? Be it a new, dedicated pipeline network or an existing gas transmission network converted and adapted for another energy carrier, how can you prepare for the transition while ensuring minimal disruption to your customers?  

The solution; advanced hydraulic modelling and analysis for decision support to attain optimal operational efficiency. A powerful tool, such as Synergi Gas, can help make daily operating decisions for load approval and operational support, size main extensions and replacements for economy and performance and create long-term strategic plans that maximize your gas network infrastructure.  

Watch the exclusive webinar, as Kevin Hemingway discusses how best to model  hydrogen blends, RNG and CO2 as your company heads towards decarbonization and demonstrates best practices using Synergi Gas.  

Discussion points:  

  • Properties of blended gas and how to model them 
  • Modelling thermal values  
  • Selecting appropriate equations of state 
  • Gas interchangeability  
  • Blending strategies and optimization 
  • Carbon dioxide vapor phase and dense phase modelling

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