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Recent developments of advanced hydrodynamics in Sesam

Keep up with the recent developments in Sesam

Watch this webinar video to learn more about the advanced hydrodynamic functions developed in the recent years with engineering examples. We also demonstrate the use of 2nd order calculations and non-linearities in the analysis.

Main topics:

  •  Non-linear free surface 
  •  2nd order and advanced calculations in Wadam
     -    Dynamic tanks
     -    Damping lid for moonpool and
     -    Efficient Calculation of Low Frequency Motions
     -    Air-gap analysis of semisubmersible with full 2nd order effects
  • Nonlinear hydrodynamics in Wasim
     -    Main nonlinearities in Wasim
     -    Mean horizontal force
     -    Wave drift damping
     -    Wave added resistance
  • Nonlinear analysis with external DLL
     -    Supporting user defined DLL to achieve advanced hydrodynamic analysis
  • Upcoming developments
     -    Dipole sheet elements
     -    New wave models
     -    Refactoring for FOWT analysis


Joe Zhang, Product Manager – Sesam for Floating Structures, China. After getting a doctors degree in hydrodynamics in 2008, Dr Fan Joe Zhang has been working in the maritime and offshore industry for over 13 years. In addition to diverse roles in different DNV locations, his experience also includes a technical manager role in the research department of a national shipyards. His domain knowledge covers maritime and O&G (offshore platform, mooring and risers), as well as renewable energy structures (FOWT and PV, etc.)