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Grow your offshore wind structure design and optimization solution knowledge

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Expand your expertise in design of offshore wind structures using Sesam and Bladed

Workshop series

Download our workshop recordings to learn tips and tricks using Sesam and Bladed for both onshore and offshore wind turbine design and (fixed and floating) support structures. 

Workshop highlights: 

  • Onshore wind turbine design 
  • Fixed and floating offshore wind turbine and support structure design 
  • Wind turbine concept model library 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how Sesam is used for the design of fixed and floating offshore wind substructures 
  • Learn how to apply Bladed's wind turbine analysis capabilities together with Sesam for improved support structure design 
  • Learn about the benefits of using wind turbine concept models in early phase design and R&D 

Workshop overview: 

Day 1 – Onshore wind using Bladed 
  • Introduction 
  • *Bladed demo, model build, load cases, and batch runs 
  • *Concept models service (for life extension/operations) 
  • *SST overview 

Day 2 – Offshore wind using Sesam and Bladed 

During day 2 of the workshop series, our experts introduces Sesam's capabilities for fixed offshore wind. After a quick overview of Sesam's modeling capabilities, an industry practice workflow for fixed offshore wind support structures is demonstrated, using Sesam and Bladed's strengths and featuring DNV's cloud solutions for computation and collaboration. The benefits of using wind turbine concept models to optimize the support structures' optimized design is presented.

  • Sesam substructure design tools, including short modeling demonstration 
  • Fixed OWT workflows (superelement and integrated) with Sesam and Bladed, including demonstration
  • *Concept model (new designs) 
  • Cloud and Insight 

Day 3 – Floating wind using Bladed and Sesam 

Our last workshop focuses on the DNV workflows for floating offshore wind, enabling the wind turbine design and the floater and mooring lines. A demonstration runs through the workflow, including a fully coupled analysis of the complete floating wind structure and performing a hydrodynamic re-tracking and structural assessment of the floater in Sesam. 

  • Sesam floater design and hydrodynamic coefficients 
  • Sima Floating OWT demo 
  • *Concept models and Bladed for floating wind 
  • Sesam hydrodynamic re-tracking and structural assessment 
  • Future of Sesam and Bladed