Integration of Phast™ and KFX™: pool fire modelling

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Spills of flammable liquids on hazardous facilities can ignite to give a pool fire. As well as an immediate threat to people nearby, they are an escalation risk, especially if the flames of the pool fire are impinging on vessels or tanks containing hazardous inventory.

Pool fires can take a variety of shapes, depending on the presence of bunds, kerbs, trenches and local topography.

It is therefore necessary to be able to model pool fires in sufficient detail to be able to make decisions on safety. Phast can model circular and rectangular pool fires using CFD calculations performed with DNV's KFX tool. It will also be possible to include 3-dimensional CAD geometry models to account for the effects of equipment and structures on the pool fire scenario and consequence results.

For more complex modelling requirements, the Phast pool fire scenario can be exported to the standalone KFX software. This export feature allows the user to load the Phast scenario in KFX and include additional KFX functionality such as delayed ignition and transient pool spread in the geometry model.

In this webinar recording we:

  • Discuss integration of Phast and KFX and why we have started with pool fire modelling
  • Highlight the importance of selecting the right tool for the job
  • Show some modelling comparisons between Phast and KFX
  • Demonstrate how to run KFX pool fire simulations in Phast
  • Demonstrate how you can run more complex pool fires in KFX using information generated from Phast
  • Discuss future plans for integration of Phast and KFX


  • James Pickles, Product Manager for Risk Products, DNV
  • Rune Kleiveland, Principal Specialist for KFX, DNV