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Ask the experts series: Vent dispersion modelling

Learn how to model dispersion and toxic effects from cold vent stack

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Vent is used for safe disposal of the vented gases to the atmosphere. Flammable or toxic gases are released from the vent. To ensure that the hazards of venting these gases are tolerable for the people near the site, a quantitative hazard analysis of gas venting is often required. 

During the webinar, we demonstrated how to use Phast and KFX software for dispersion modelling for vent.

In this webinar recording you will learn about:

  • Model the release of un-ignited gas from vent with Phast
  • Track the dispersion of your component of interest in a gas mixture
  • Dispersion and Toxic modelling of the vent release in Phast
  • Vent dispersion modelling with KFX (CFD)