Ask the experts series: Asphyxiation modelling

Plant - Asphyxiation modelling

Learn how to quantify the asphyxiation hazards from the release of large quantities of inert gases in Phast and Safeti

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Process safety engineers tend to focus mainly on toxic and flammable hazards on their site. The release of large quantities of inert gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide can lead to exposure to an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, resulting in suffocation that can be fatal. In such cases, for example refrigerated storage facilities for producers, it is sensible to include the release of inert substances in the hazard analysis.

This webinar recording will demonstrate how to use Phast and Safeti software to model the asphyxiation hazards from the release of inert gases.

You will learn more about:

  • The considerations for asphyxiation modelling using dispersion model
  • Asphyxiation modelling using the dispersion to concentration of interest method in Phast/Safeti
  • Asphyxiation modelling using probit method in Phast/Safeti
  • How to produce concentration exceedance contours in Safeti


  • Todd Yu, Area Sales Manager, DNV
  • Harjit Kaur Man Singh, Senior Engineer, DNV