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Ask the experts series: GIS integration

Learn how to integrate Phast and Safeti with GIS (e.g. Google Earth)

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Process and risk engineers are increasingly required to present consequences and risk results in GIS applications such as Google Earth. Phast and Safeti software have a GIS engine that can fulfill this requirement simply.

In this webinar video, we will demonstrate how you can take the necessary steps to establish communication between Phast/Safeti and GIS (e.g. Google Earth). 

Learning objectives:

  • The workflow to integrate Phast/Safeti results with GIS
    -     Obtain georeferenced satellite imagery
    -     Import to Phast/Safeti
    -     Plot results in Phast/Safeti
    -     Export to GIS
  • The workflow to integrate GIS geometry to Phast/Safeti
    -     Obtain KML file from GIS
    -     Import KML file to Phast/Safeti
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