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How public utilities can cost-effectively manage their assets with more accessible and trustworthy data

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Data is the common thread for utilities across maintenance and operations processes. Is your utility getting the most out of its data, with a clear path to minimizing maintenance costs, boosting efficiency, and helping assets last longer?

With public utilities challenged to increase asset reliability while keeping maintenance costs down and fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements, data quality is essential. Structuring and managing utility data in a simple and effective way makes access and interpretation easier for all stakeholders. The resulting improved data quality enables more confident maintenance decisions and reduced risk of failure.

This webinar will explore how Cascade and DNV’s domain experts can improve public utilities asset management, from inspection and maintenance programs to risk management and decision support.


  • Capturing inspection and test data
  • Ensuring good data stewardship
  • Providing transparency into asset condition and action needed
  • Managing inspection and maintenance programs
  • Supporting NERC compliance and audit readiness
  • Improving asset performance based on insights


  • Dennis Washburn - Principal Product Manager, Electric Grid, Digital Solutions at DNV
  • Jim Weik - Principal Business Development Manager, Electric Grid, Digital Solutions at DNV