Hydraulic optimization to maximize efficiency in a new world

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Watch the webinar to learn how to overcome new operational challenges due to reduced demand.

For liquid pipeline companies, it’s a new world brought on by COVID, low oil prices, and reduced demand for petroleum products. The goal is still maximizing efficiency, part of which is a function of operating optimally while reducing operating costs. But given the new set of challenges, how can you manage operational flexibility and optimally operate for a given amount and timing of throughput? How can you ensure your OPEX costs yield greater ROI while focusing on smooth and safe operations?

In other words, what can you do to overcome new operational challenges due to reduced demand? 

Watch this on-demand webinar for answers, as our panel of experts, Brad Eichelberger, Jim Short, Michael Bednorz, and Bob Daniels (from Phillips 66) share insights into hydraulic optimization that will help you maximize the efficiency of your liquid pipelines in this exclusive webinar. They delve into various aspects of hydraulic optimization, including: 

  • Cost optimization for reduced flow rates: Power & DRA
  • Strategy  for tailored operations for changing electrical costs during the day
  • Focusing on operating safely and reliably
  • Operating  at low flow rates for viscous crudes

If you are responsible for the optimization of your pipeline assets, you don’t want to miss this webinar.

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