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Virtual Workshop Series: Sesam Usfos

Boost your non-linear analysis capabilities

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Offshore jacket structures have been used for building petroleum infrastructure for decades. The existing jackets are typically designed for a life of around 20 years. Improvements in oil recovery from several fields have increased the interest in using these structures well beyond their initial design life. Even though large re-constructions, repairs, and inspections have been performed, using existing installations beyond their design life will, in many cases, be economically preferable.

In this virtual workshop we showcase using GeniE/Sesam Usfos and best practices and tips and tricks to boost your non-linear analysis capabilities.

Workshop series overview:

Workshop 1 - Introduction to non-linear analysis

  • Create a model in GeniE
  • Run non-linear analysis in Usfos
  • Understand and inspect non-linear results

Workshop 2 - Introduction to collapse analysis of jacket structures

  • Create and execute collapse analysis using GeniE/Usfos
  • Add deformations & damaged members
  • Add ductility and fracture criterion
  • Execute Joint code checks

Workshop 3 - Introduction to boat/ship impact analysis and dynamic time domain analysis

  • Create Boat impact inputs and execute boat impact analysis
  • Execute multiple boat impact analysis
  • Perform a dropped object analysis

The workshop instructor is Abin Pulivelil, Principal Engineer. He has been working in the Design and fabrication of Offshore platforms since 2007. He holds a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering and an expert in the field of Finite Element and non-linear analysis of structures. Chris Kubes, Senior Engineer, will be on hand to support. Chris has been with DNV working as a software support engineer for floating structure design with DNV and has been in this position for the past 6 years. He graduated with an aerospace degree in 2002 and has worked in the aerospace and offshore fields as an engineer for the past 17 years.