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Webinar series: Supporting the evolution of offshore wind in the Americas - webinar #2

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Learn how DNV’s success and expertise in Europe and Asia can help the Americas evolve in this fast-growing market.

According to DNV’s 2020 energy transition report, global wind capacity has been growing steadily since the early installations in the 1980s. Installed capacity reached 729 GW in the beginning of 2020. We forecast 1 TW in 2023, 2 TW in 2031, 4 TW in 2041, and 6.2 TW in 2050, of which 1.3 TW will be offshore. These developments are thanks to larger turbines, mega-sized projects, and a more dedicated offshore supply-chain. In addition, the 2020s will see floating wind progress to full-scale demonstration projects and on to commercial-scale deployments. We predict that floating offshore wind projects will have 255 GW of installed capacity by 2050. 

This webinar series will showcase how DNV can support your organization as you look to transition into offshore wind – from applying standards to turbine analysis. You will also hear from a number of our European clients over the series on how they have managed wind projects supported by DNV’s offshore structural analysis software, Sesam and Bladed. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from their successes and increase your knowledge to position yourself for the present and future projects. 


  • Sesam and Bladed for fixed offshore wind 
  • How COWI uses SESAM on offshore wind foundation design: An overview of workflow with relevant SESAM modules and notes on cloud usage
  • Overview and forecast of US OW developments, vessels operating in OW space and development of floating offshore wind rules


Laurens Albas, Product Manager, Offshore Wind, DNV – Digital Solutions 
Kristian Freng Svendsen, Lead Structural Designer, COWI
Nick Prokopuk, Business Development Manager, DNV – Maritime