A practical approach to barrier management in Synergi Life

Bow tie software for analysis and risk assessment - Barrier Management - Synergi Life

Beyond standards, guidelines and methodology, it is crucial for users to master their tool and get the most out of it to bring value to their organization. A bow-tie well thought and well-conceived is not only an effective pro-active management of risk, it is also a step forward to operational excellence.

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This webinar recording covers the following: 

  • Risk management principles
  • Proactive risk management and bow-tie methodology 
  • A solution built on recognized standards and practices
  • Operationalise your bow-ties and create an active barrier management process: 
    -   How to build a bow-tie in Synergi Life 
    -   How to build good barriers 
    -   Understanding barrier performance and integrity 
    -   Applications - from process safety to cyber security
  • Barrier-based accident investigation
  • Data analytics: 
    -   Basic and advanced search functions 
    -   Dashboards and reports to monitor and share status of risks and barrier integrity