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How to use CFD analysis to increase safety level of LNG facilities

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Learn how KFX can be used for consequence assessment and design of safety measures for LNG facilities

Reliable and efficient simulation tools are needed to predict consequences of LNG leaks, to establish appropriate safety distances and to design effective safety barriers for LNG facilities and infrastructure. Such tools will also be needed for cryogenic structural design when structures and equipment are exposed to low-temperature LNG.

In this webinar video we demonstrate how you can use DNV’s KFX computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool to provide guidance to safety engineers and consultants on design of safety barriers and mitigation measures to increase the safety level of LNG facilities, terminals and ships.

Key learning points:

  • Important safety aspects of accidental releases of LNG
  • Modelling of LNG release scenarios in KFX: 
    -  Liquid releases, pool spreading and evaporation 
    -  Dispersion of LNG vapour 
    -  LNG fires and thermal radiation
  • Examples of real-life cases where KFX has been applied


  • Rune Natten Kleiveland, CFD Product Manager/Principal Specialist, DNV
  • Petter Aune, Principal Specialist, DNV