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The true cost of pipeline operation: Barrels vs Integrity

Join our experts Brad Eichelberger, Dr. David Baxter and Emmanuel Anozie as they uncover the true cost of pipeline operation. In this exclusive webinar, they discuss the real cost of choosing Barrels over integrity.

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The energy industry is experiencing astronomical growth world over – driving increases in supply and demand. And as the industry becomes more focused on improving production, the other side of the same coin - the health and integrity of critical infrastructure such as pipelines becomes an important differentiator.  

This competitive advantage relies, to a great extent, on the ability of the pipeline operator to balance the need to maintain pipeline integrity with the need to just continue production. Does the cost of maintaining a safe, reliable and dependable pipeline payoff? Is it better to continue production and deprioritize integrity, if so, what does it really cost to do nothing?

This exclusive, knowledge rich webinar will delve into various aspects of pipeline Risk & Integrity Management, including: 

  • The cost of investing vs not investing in an Integrity Management system 
  • Risk modelling to support decision making 
  • Risk Based Inspections vs Risk Based Integrity 
  • Achieving greater performance with the right data 
  • Role of technologies such as AI in reforming decision making processes 
  • Building a case for integrity budgets 

 If you are responsible for the integrity of your pipeline assets, we know you will find the webinar useful.

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