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Occupied buildings risk assessment using Phast and Safeti

Learn how to undertake an occupied buildings risk assessment

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On March 23, 2005, a release of flammable liquid at the Texas City refinery led to an explosion and fire, causing the deaths of 15 workers in or near office trailers located close to the source of the accident.  

Major accidents such as this highlight the need for temporary and permanent buildings to be designed and located with consideration of process risk. In other words, these buildings should be assessed in an Occupied Buildings Risk Assessment (OBRA).

In this webinar, we examine how to undertake an OBRA using Phast and Safeti – industry standard tools for consequence and risk analysis.

This webinar:

  • Provides background on guidance for the location and design of occupied buildings, such as API 752/753 and Chemical Industries Association
  • Describes the metrics that can be used to inform decision making about design and location of occupied buildings
  • Shows how Phast and Safeti can be used as part of an Occupied Buildings Risk Assessment (OBRA)
  • Shows the features in Phast and Safeti that enable such studies to be done efficiently

Presenter: James Pickles, Phast and Safeti Product Owner.

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