Enabling efficient processing of data for digital twins using ontologies

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Watch the presentation from the International Semantic Web Conference 2020

Digital twins are becoming key enablers for engineers when optimizing the design, manufacturing and operation of physical assets. Data consumed and produced by digital twins are often in the form of quantity values, which are products of numbers and units. Processing quantity values is often arduous and costly due to different systems of units and countless naming and formatting conventions. 

This well-known challenge can be solved by applying a shared domain model that provides an open and detailed representation of quantity values and how they should be processed. We are excited to share some of the work we have done together with engineers at ix3 (an Aker Solutions company) and Sesam, where we have adapted existing ontologies of units of measure to improve data processing capabilities of a cloud-based semantic platform for operating digital twins of real industry assets at a significantly reduced cost. We believe this approach will achieve similar benefits for other organizations aiming to integrate various data for their digital twins.

This use-case was recently presented at the 19th International Semantic Web Conference, which is one of the most important conferences on artificial intelligence and ontologies. The recording of the presentation is now available to watch on-demand.

Watch the recording of the presentation to learn more.