Maintenance optimization for spend effectiveness and reliability

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Are you focusing on the equipment maintenance that has the biggest impact on reliability? Do you have an effective balance of preventive and corrective measures across the utility’s maintenance programs?

Maintenance is one of the largest controllable costs in an electric utility, and significant savings can be realized by moving away from the longstanding break-fix maintenance approach. Therefore, maximizing the impact of maintenance strategies is imperative.

In this webinar, you will learn about some of the most effective maintenance approaches being implemented by utilities. We will go on to look at maintenance optmization with Cascade software and the resulting impact on equipment health and reliability. We will then look at some best practices for maintenance during outage windows and how analytics can drive maintenance performance.


  • Maintenance optimization within the context of asset performance management
  • Maintenance prioritization strategies for reliability
  • Optimization of workforce performance through “smart” outage maintenance planning
  • Identifying highest cost to maintain equipment models through analytics


James Mack, Regional Sales Manager, Electric Grid, DNV - Digital Solutions
Andrew C. Reindel, PE - Manager, Protection & Control, PECO