Webinar series: Improve your floating offshore wind simulations

Session 1: Streamline your floating offshore wind structural design with Bladed and Sesam

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Floating offshore wind (FOW) has huge potential, but for the technology to be scaled up rapidly and at low cost, the industry needs digital innovation. The combination of a floating support structure and wind turbine inherently introduces great complexity into modelling calculations. This requires numerous lengthy, expensive computations and large engineering effort for which conventional wind industry software design and analysis tools are not enough. To deliver optimal analysis, design, assessment and subsequently, control and management, FOW requires integrated digital solutions. 

In this on-demand webinar you will learn how to take advantage of the latest development in Bladed and Sesam to streamline your floating offshore wind projects keeping design costs down.

Key learnings:

  • Learn how results from Bladed floating wind turbine coupled analysis can be transferred to Sesam for hydrodynamic and structural post-processing analysis for the sub-structure, using the new Bladed-Wasim link.
  • See demonstration of use and verification of the Bladed-Wasim link.