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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis with Synergi Electric

Your field crews working on energized lines can work in safer conditions, now that Synergi Electric has incorporated developments in the Arc Flash standard

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In 2018, IEEE published a significant update to Standard 1584, which governs performing an Arc Flash Hazard Assessment. The updates are based on the latest industry research and laboratory tests. As a result, we have more accurate Arc Flash formulas for engineers to perform calculations determining necessary safety precautions for field crews working on energized lines.

Synergi Electric now uses these new formulas, allowing you to leverage existing models for planning and protection and to continue to accurately and quickly perform Arc Flash Hazard assessments on the entire distribution network.

Watch this webinar outlining the updates to the Arc Flash standard and showing you how to best use Synergi Electric to conduct these analyses. A review of distribution protection and model development is also provided, as these are key components for Arc Flash Analysis.


  • Overview of Arc Flash Hazards
  • Discuss updates to the Arc Flash standard
  • Review of Synergi Protection and model development
  • How to use Synergi Electric to conduct an Arc Flash study