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Scripting for optimal efficiency in the analysis of ships and offshore structures

Learn how to automate and personalize your workflows

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Scripting is a powerful tool for those seeking to get the most out of their FEM software. In this tech-talk, we will demonstrate a few examples of how scripting can be used for automation and efficient execution of offshore engineering analyses. 

Topics covered: 

  • Scripting for parametric modelling (Sesam GeniE) 
  • Scripting for controlling the execution of multiple analyses with varying inputs (Sesam HydroD and Sesam Manager)
  • Creating your own reports through scripting 

Learning objectives: 

Gaining insight and ideas on how the tool can be utilized. This is not a training in JavaScript. The methods presented are general and easy to understand for experienced offshore engineers with good domain knowledge about hydrodynamic and/or structural analysis. The examples will be demonstrated on a floating structure, but the content applies to fixed structures as well. Previous knowledge of the Sesam suite and its different tools is not required. 

About the speakers:

Torgeir Vada has been working in DNV since 1985, when he achieved a PhD in Hydrodynamics from the University of Oslo. He has worked with Sesam since 1997, first as a developer and then in various line manager positions. He currently holds a position as Product Manager for Floating Structures.

Yoonok Cho has worked for shipyards since 2006 as structure engineer for offshore structures and large commercial ships. He has broad understanding and experience from initial, basic design to detail design, and performed many structural analysis projects. He currently works as technical support engineer for Sesam and Nauticus products, delivering various training courses.