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Solve unique challenges with custom workflows in Phast Web Services

Learn how to customize workflows and perform sensitivity analysis

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Process safety information is used in many decisions and systems throughout a process facility. Companies spend an inordinate amount of time gathering and organizing data, instead of getting value from the results. Sharing decision-ready information becomes a manual and inefficient process.

Using the power of the cloud, Phast Web Services allows you to apply relevant modelling to your project and communicate these valuable results to different stakeholders without extra effort.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • the basics of building custom workflows 
  • how to perform sensitivity analysis on key operational inputs
  • how we have applied Phast Web Services to HAZOP/PHA, GIS applications


  • Mike Johnson, Head of Product Management and Strategy, DNV
  • Kenny Shaba, Risk and Reliability Product Manager, DNV