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Economic optimization of intra-day gas pipeline flow schedules using transient flow models

Achieve efficient and more reliable operations in electric and wholesale natural gas markets

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As more electric generation is created by gas-fired generation, coordination between these two markets at the wholesale level is more critical than ever before. Currently electric prices rise and fall within a 24-hour period due to the current level of optimization in the electric network. A similar optimization approach in the gas network would allow a similar pricing structure.

This paper discusses the economic, regulatory and institutional topics related to such an endeavor. An example is presented where hourly pricing and flow schedules can be calculated. Then, an example of gas pipeline market clearing is presented and validated using DNV’s Synergi Gas gas distribution software. These results are finally validated against SCADA measurements from a real pipeline system.

This paper was co-authored by Richard Carter Jr., DNV, Principal Software Development Scientist and prepared for presentation at the PSIG Annual Meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia, 9 May – 12 May 2017.