Three key steps to data smart fleet management

This technical webinar is part of DNV GL’s ShipManager webinar series and was hosted for shipping companies worldwide

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In today’s market, ship owners and managers are under constant pressure to make operations much leaner and more efficient to remain profitable.

This webinar focus on how to achieve a data smart approach to fleet management that enables improved efficiency, transparency and reduced OPEX.

By watching this webinar you will learn more about how to: 

  • Achieve a data smart approach to fleet management 
  • Set up and structure your fleet management system 
  • Easily analyse and optimize ship management, maintenance and operating costs 
  • Better serve your stakeholders


Kevin Brunn, Head of Business Development and Innovation for Maritime Software in DNV GL - Digital Solutions. Kevin has more than 10 years’ of experience from the maritime software business.

The webinar is most relevant for: 

Fleet Managers, DPA/CSOs, Safety & Quality Managers, Vetting Managers, Technical Managers, IT Managers and Superintendents.

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