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Webinar: Design and analysis of offshore aquaculture units

Learn how to do a complete analysis including cage, net and mooring system

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Interest in offshore aquaculture is rapidly growing worldwide. Compared to fish cages in more sheltered waters inshore, the harsh offshore environment places greater demand on the design and analysis of the cages.

A typical aquaculture unit consists of cage, net and mooring system. Sesam software from DNV GL has decades of experience with the design of offshore structures, including moorings. The software functionality has been extended to support the growing need within aquaculture and Sesam can be used to design and analyse the complete unit, including the net.

Webinar topics:

  • Overview of aquaculture worldwide
  • Overview of different types of fish cages
  • Theory of cage response analysis 
  • How to create a cage model 
  • Validation and ongoing software development 
  • Demo of how to create and analyse a fish cage model in Sesam software (Sima module)

The webinar is presented in cooperation with Sintef Ocean. Sintef Ocean has been partnering with DNV GL for more than 20 years to provide tools and solutions for offshore engineering of complex floating structures. 

About the presenter:

The webinar is presented by Jingzhe Jin, Research Scientist, Sintef Ocean. Jingzhe has a PhD from the University of Southampton and has been working for Sintef Ocean since 2007. She specializes in hydrodynamic analysis of floating structures with mooring system and numerical simulation of marine operations. She currently works with hydrodynamic response analysis of aquaculture units.