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The range and application of Phast and Safeti explosion models for facility siting work

Understanding which models to use and when

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Experience has shown that the damage potential to persons, equipment and buildings associated with explosions can be significant. Consequently, it is important that this kind of hazard is evaluated using appropriate models.

There are a wide range of explosion models designed for different applications. Understanding what to use and when can be a challenge.

Tools used as industry standard many years ago are now recommended for quick estimation only and can be very conservative. More modern techniques which give more accurate predictions consider the effect of congestion in a facility as well as the interaction between the congested zones.

Listen this webinar to learn: 

  • Introduction to the most common explosion modelling approaches
  • The pros and cons of different approaches
  • The key assumptions in the full range of Phast and Safeti explosion modelling approaches
  • The benefits of considering a congested or risk-based approach in facility siting work
  • How to extract more value from Phast or Safeti modelling


Mike Johnson, Head of Product Management and Strategy and James Pickles, Product Owner Phast and Safeti