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Top 3 ways the new cloud-based Navigator Shore will improve fleet overview

Find out how the new user-friendly solution supports efficient fleet monitoring of work and rest hours, certificates and more

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This technical webinar is part of DNV GL’s maritime software webinar series for shipping companies worldwide. 

We are excited to launch the new Next Generation Shore module of Navigator Port with improved performance and analytics. Watch the webinar to experience the new user-interface and smart features developed with some of our key customers.

Key takeaways:

  • Find out how to easily be in control of work & rest compliance 
  • How to get an overview of all onboard certificates ashore 
  • How to efficiently manage vessel master data and certificates 
  • Experience the intuitive next generation user-interface 
  • Find out how to upgrade and implement the new cloud solution


Cindy Peter, Product Manager for Navigator Port, DNV GL. Cindy has a Master’s Degree in Operation and Management of Maritime Systems and a background in shipping and logistics. 

The webinar is mainly relevant for:

Fleet Managers, Technical Managers, Quality and Safety Managers, DPAs, Vetting Managers, Superintendents, Captains, Masters, IT Managers and more.

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