Reduce onboard paperwork by up to 90% and keep control of MLC and STCW rest hours

Speed up and ensure quality of port clearance reporting

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In this webinar, we reveal how you can reduce the administrative burden on-board by up to 90% and better control MLC and STCW rest hours compliance with our new Navigator Shore solution. A survey on administrative burdens among international seafarers by COWI for the Danish Maritime Authority indicates that as many as 79 % of seafarers find tasks related to the filling out of port and pre-arrival documents require too much documentation and/or paperwork.

Find out more about how to:

  • Reduce the administrative burden for your crew by up to 90%
  • Speed up and ensure quality of port clearance reporting 
  • Easily generate electronic reports such as eNOAD and more (e.g. Australia, Singapore, Panama Canal)
  • Save cost and ensure up-to-date content including general information, publications, legislation and information relevant to your port call
  • Get weekly updates of nautical information and regulatory requirements on-board
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations for safe manning and operation
  • Take charge of your crew’s MLC and STCW rest hours compliance reporting
  • Share information between ship and office
  • Benefit from Q88 integration and tanker berth information

Sign up and watch the recording to get a demonstration of Navigator Port, which is in use for port clearance reporting on more than 3000 vessels. We also give a demo of the new Navigator Shore web solution bringing the vessels closer to the office. 


Cindy Peter, Product Manager for Navigator Port, DNV. Cindy has a Master’s Degree in Operation and Management of Maritime Systems and a background in shipping and logistics.

The webinar is mainly relevant for:

Fleet Managers, QA Managers, Quality and Safety Managers, Vetting Inspectors, Vessel Operators, Captains, Masters.

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