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Quick and accurate mesh refinement with Sesam

This webinar video demonstrates how easy it has become to refine global analysis models for the purpose of doing refined stress or fatigue analysis.

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Agenda of the webinar:

  • Automatic meshing - use global settings for mesh control
  • Partial meshing – save time during redesign
  • Mesh editing – manual changes of a mesh to get a desired mesh lay-out
  • Mesh refinement – manual or automatic options for refining parts of a mesh
  • Demonstration of edit mesh, refine mesh and how to refine a joint from beam to shell

Learning objectives:

From this webinar the attendee will understand the efficiency of using concept modelling as the basis prior to making analysis models by use of automatic and manual meshing. The methodology we have developed in Sesam gives our users a high degree of design flexibility as it is very easy to change a model during design or operational stage. On a more detailed level the attendee will learn how to edit (changed by user to meet specific criteria) a mesh and how to go from a global to a detailed FE model. Two different scenarios will be shown – improving the mesh only and refining the concept model prior to meshing.

*Additional meshing enhancements have been added since the launch of this webinar.