Webinar: Operational excellence - Incorporate uncertainties to your business plan using advanced RAM analysis

Watch the webinar video and learn how the use of advanced RAM studies can help you assess the business plan of an oil and gas asset.

Operational excellence is a collaborative approach involving a number of techniques and processes to boost operating efficiency and reduce fixed cost.

Maros - RAM analysis software for upstream oil and gas assets
Maros - assessing upstream asset performance

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RAM analysis

In this context, advanced RAM studies are the centre of the operational excellence approach. Using advanced RAM tools allows analysts to incorporate uncertainties and the underlying complexity of oil and gas assets to the business plan. These uncertainties are normally related to unplanned events that range from equipment failures to market constraints. 

In this webinar video, we discuss the use of advanced RAM studies to assess the business plan of an oil and gas asset, by using DNV GL's advanced RAM analysis tool Maros.

Watch the video and learn more.