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Sesam CAESES: Serious play in ship design - Simulation-driven design for naval architects

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Simulation driven design is widely considered the key to innovative product development. Naval architects have always been subjected to cope with non-planar shapes and have developed techniques that capture the essence of a complex geometry with as few defining elements as need be. Adding techniques of formal optimization, the process is further enhanced: It now provides the playground for serious work, complementing the human being’s intuition, experience and ingenuity. Download the whitepaper and read more.

Sesam CAESES software

Sesam CAESES is the design optimization module of the Sesam software suite. With Sesam CAESES you can carry out numerous simulations in an automated sequence to achieve design optimization. You can improve hydro- or aerodynamic performance of a design, for example to achieve lower resistance and reduce pressure drop. You can also focus on reduction of motions and accelerations for offshore and maritime structures.

Comprehensive upfront CAE system

Sesam CAESES is an “Upfront CAE” system that empowers engineers to achieve product and structural designs that have the very best in class performance. With Sesam CAESES we break the rules of traditional development and unleash design innovation. The software allows variable geometry, pre-processing, software connection, post-processing, and optimization and assessment.