Is there an industry accepted practice for maintenance of our turbines, compressors, motors etc.? Our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) contracts are expiring.

Reliability-centered maintenance

Synergi Plant software for plant integrity management includes a module for the well-established Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

RCM will allow analysts to run detailed analyses of systems, typically rotating equipment, evaluating the impact of failures and proposing the best maintenance strategy. Upon completion of the analyses, and optimized maintenance strategy is defined for the entire asset.

Industry standards such as ISO 14224 and SAE JA1011/JA1012 are already implemented in Synergi Plant, adding industry knowledge to the assessment.

Because of the level of detail, RCM can be quite time-consuming. To owercome this issue, Synergi Plant offers a screening process which identifies the risk for the different maintenance packages. These will be used to classify which maintenance packages require a detailed analysis.

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