We are under more scrutiny after a rupture on our gas pipeline. Can Synergi Gas software help us get more prepared for future line breaks?

Modelling rupture location

Absolutely. You can replicate the event in DNV GL’s Synergi Gas software by modelling the rupture location along with the pressures and flows at the time of the rupture. The Unsteady State module transient analysis will provide you with a complete picture of the resulting pressures and volume of gas lost. You can then try alternate measures – interrupt fewer customers, close a different set of valves, and so on – to assess how the outcome may have changed. You can then apply this knowledge to additional scenarios throughout the gas distribution system.

For low pressure systems, the steady-state analysis is appropriate for line break models. However, a low-pressure distribution system presents a different set of challenges due to the sheer number of isolation valves that are available. For very interconnected systems, it may be difficult to quickly tell not just which valves need to be closed, but also what the hydraulic impact is of these closures. The Synergi Gas Area Isolation module in Synergi Gas solves this problem by showing you the required valves for closure to isolate any pipe or zone of your choosing. And if you’re using the Customer Management module, the program can generate a list of the affected customers, along with their contact information and load characteristics.

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