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Our software support business-critical activities such as managing risk, improving safety and asset performance, across many industries, including maritime, energy and healthcare.

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Cyber security services

DNV is an independent advisor on cyber security for critical infrastructure. We help identify your most valuable assets, quantify and manage risk, achieve compliance and improve business performance.

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Data management and analytics services

With broad domain expertise and access to industry data, we enable organizations digital innovation by providing valuable insights, secure data assets and automated processes.

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Trustworthy digital twins can power a more efficient future

As the oil and gas industry is increasingly applying digital twins, it is key for operators to know that their twin works as planned, and that its output is reliable.

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The maritime ‘grid’ is the next digital revolution

We must address the zero-emission agenda while also responding to COVID-19 and all its market implications. What is the one big game changer that can help us?

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The three-pillar approach to cyber security - Data and information protection

Data and information protection comprise the third and most important pillar of a sound cyber security strategy. It is crucial to consider the ‘CIA triad’ when considering how to protect our data.

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Do you trust your data? The role of assurance in algorithm and model data

In an increasingly automated world where decisions are based on results from models and algorithms, focus on the data fed into these is of paramount importance.

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The multiple dimensions of Asset Performance Management

The natural gas industry is an example of where it is both a fuel of the present and widely accepted as a transition fuel in the quest for a carbon-neutral future. In this role it has the spotlight upon its performance. Performance here is defined on multiple dimensions.

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