Workshop approval for maritime welding

Gain DNV approval for welding in the maritime industry.

The demands on welding workshops in yards, manufacturing sites, repair and scrapping companies are increasing worldwide. DNV approval provides your customers with proof that you meet high quality and safety standards.

To guarantee high quality for all the important parts of ships, maritime installations and their components, our DNV rules require that welding work be carried out by approved companies or workshops. 

The DNV rules are based on relevant international standards, best practices and the long-standing experience of our experts. 

To award DNV approval, we first carry out a document review. The documentation needs to contain details of:

  • Base materials, shapes and dimensions of products
  • Welding processes, welding consumables and auxiliary materials
  • Shapes and dimensions of welds
  • Preheating and heat input during welding
  • Heat treatment after welding
  • Subsequent treatment of the welds
  • Nature and scope of inspections
  • Requirements applicable to the welded joints (e.g. quality grade, weld performance, evaluation category)

After this, we conduct an on-site inspection and discuss the results in a joint meeting. If everything is in compliance, you receive your approval certificate.

For maximum cost and time efficiency you can opt to combine DNV welding workshop approval with further certifications in the field of welding and materials.

All DNV approved welding workshops will be published in our list of approved companies so that potential customers can easily find you.

With DNV approved welding workshops you also benefit from: 

  • A recognised certificate proving that you operate with certified production facilities and working procedures as well as qualified personnel
  • Smart certification processes
  • The opportunity to combine different types of certifications in only one audit
  • Expert support from our experienced specialists for all your questions about safety, quality and compliance

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