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Wholesale market advisory

Evaluating and implementing mechanisms for balancing the electricity supply

Looking for independent insight into regional market drivers and prices in North American power markets?
Need an impartial opinion for due diligence in support of asset transactions and financing?
Want to test assumptions and competing investment alternatives using the latest market information?

DNV’s Wholesale Energy Advisory Service comprises three service components: market forecasts, research and insights, and strategic services decisions. Better research leads to a better forecasts. Better forecasts can improve your decisions. At DNV we build our forecasts on decades of experience in analyzing critical market drivers. Our experts work with systems operators, developers, and utilities to develop insight and strategic direction for a changing grid.


  • Insight into regional market drivers and prices
  • Due-diligence and asset valuation
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Independent, unbiased, and transparent

Our Wholesale Energy Advisory Service is Different:

  • We believe that a good forecast is based on intimate knowledge of regional and local fundamentals including new supply, demand, and policy
  • The power grid and power prices of tomorrow will increasingly be defined by renewables, distributed generation, demand response, and energy efficiency. At DNV our experts have worked with clients on these issues for decades
  • Our regional research teams track emerging policy and regulatory developments and know what they will mean for near-term and long-term markets

Join our Service Advisory Board
Be one of the first 10 Wholesale Energy Advisory Service clients in each market region and you can become a member of our service advisory board! As a member, you will play an important role in selecting key issues and challenges addressed in upcoming semi-annual updates that explore long-term forecast and market analysis.