Verification of process facilities and technical safety

A key factor in delivering offshore projects on time

More info about remote surveyOffshore projects often suffer from delayed identification of regulatory non-compliances. Operators and manufacturers face the twin challenges of demanding legislation, and late changes due to unsolved and inconsistent design. 

DNV topside verification ensures that contractors and vendors meet operators' requirements throughout the design process, in line with overall safety goals under the regulatory regime. It can be applied to entire topside facilities or selected process and safety aspects. 

Our process and safety verification is an integrating service that can put the large number of components in context and connect individual design with overall safety and regulatory goals. 

DNV works with operators to develop work scopes based on risk-based verification schemes that take account of project particularities and the performance of contractors and vendors. Contractual interfaces and milestones, efficient document control, and frequent status reporting give key stakeholders insight into compliance progress throughout each project. 

We have used this model with great success on many offshore pipeline and offshore structural projects, including megaprojects, and it is increasingly used as an integral part of third party services such as IVP and ICP. 

With verification hubs at key oil and gas locations around the world, we can provide a high quality service regardless of where you are working. 

What you get:

  • Early identification of non-compliances and safety constraints
  • Access to DNV in-depth knowledge of regulatory challenges and preferences
  • DNV global project view, combining all interfaces
  • A single entity overviewing several project deliveries
  • Key competences from throughout DNV
  • Best practice based on numerous similar projects
  • In-depth technical insight that complements your own quality system.