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Verification of offshore floating structures

An independent, global service

More info about remote surveyDeeper water fields and marginal fields call for more advanced technologies and novel concepts, and these may involve additional risks. 

As the industry moves into more challenging fields and the regulatory regime becomes more complex, third party review, independent verification and due diligence play an important role in ensuring confidence in assets, regulatory compliance, safe operations and fit-for-purpose evaluations. 

This service is focused on floating offshore structures including semi-submersible as well as ship-shaped FPSOs, drilling units, TLPs, spars, and jack-ups. We provide verification in accordance with statutory/shelf regulatory requirements, standards and company specifications, and our full life-cycle approach may involve document review, independent analysis, and peer review workshops. 

We provide development support for new concepts so that the industry can systematically evaluate risks and become familiar with novel technology before it is used in live projects, and our independent third party design verification numerous units provides due diligence and improves client confidence. 

Extending our involvement from the design to the in-service phase provides valuable synergies, using our knowledge, tools and models to help you with structural integrity management. 

With verification hubs at key oil and gas locations all around the world we can provide you with high quality of service wherever you are based.  

What you get:

  • Lessons learnt and best practice drawn from similar projects
  • Experience based on a global database of comparable projects
  • Independent verification, accepted by authorities and stakeholders worldwide
  • Leading technology and body of knowledge supported by research and development, involvement in industry committees and joint industry projects
  • Full life-cycle approach
  • Verification to comply with shelf regulatory requirements
  • Structural integrity management including structural re-analysis systems and life extension assessments.