Transportation and installation

DNV provides transportation and installation services for offshore structures and vessels typically between the fabrication location and offshore field.

Safe and cost-effective marine operations demand world-class engineering support.

Our consultancy service is based on many years of practical experience and covers all aspects of a load-out, transportation and installation scope, from vessel identification to load out, sail-away, discharge and float-overs, offshore heavy-lifts as well as operations related to offshore pipeline, riser and power cable installation.

Covering a wide range of disciplines, our technical teams work alongside seasoned master mariners, balancing efficient and sound engineering output with practical marine expertise. 

As well as transportation and installation we can also help with in-service activities such as mooring line change-out, repair and replacement as well as decommissioning operations.

DNV provides engineering analysis, marine procedures and execution support regardless of the type of cargo. Transportation and installation services can be combined with project management.

We support:

  • Load-out: skidded, lifted, SPMTs, floated-on
  • Transportation: routing, metocean, sea-fastening, cribbing, cargo strength, stability assessment and motion analysis
  • Installation: rigging analysis, lifting and lift point analysis (land based, floating, and sub-sea), dropped object studies, ballasting, jacket launch and upending, motion analysis, subsea installation (moorings, SURF, structures)
  • Float-overs: hydrostatic & hydrodynamic analysis, DP capability and mooring
  • Floating units: temporary phases, tow and hook-up, mooring line change-outs.