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Tender support for renewables

Complete and affordable turnkey support throughout the bidding and contract processes helps you choose the best tender for your project.

How do you secure the most cost-effective, bankable construction contract for your project? How do you choose the right tender to build your wind farm or solar plant? How can you minimize risk whilst maximizing return, delivering a project on time and on budget? 

Be it engineering procurement construction (EPC) or split contracting structure through our Tender support services, we help you find answers to questions like these. You can draw on our extensive expertise to efficiently guide you through the complicated and time-intensive tendering process.

Affordable, turnkey service
Our turnkey service offers an affordable way of fulfilling your engineering needs. We support you throughout the tender bid process to help you produce the best solar plant or wind farm. This includes:

  • Expression of interest phase
  • Developing request for tender (RFT) packages
  • Reviewing bids
  • Selection of preferred bidders

Some of the main deliverables we can provide you with include:

  • Template request for tender (RFT) documents customized for your project
  • Project technical specifications (or employer's requirements) and associated technical documentation
  • Warranty and performance guarantee mechanism support
  • Bid evaluation 
  • Contract negotiations support

Experience around the world
Our breadth of experience and expertise is unparalleled – gained from thousands of projects like yours around the world. With each bid possibly being thousands of pages long, our specialists help you focus on critical areas for review, making sure those areas are ticked off. Our impartial, expert service assures your peace of mind.

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